My Mid-Hike Clarity

The nature of love is not to love what is, but rather the promise of what “is” could be. When we love, there is always an end. We love to be loved back. We love to feel satisfaction. We love for the comfort it provides. But a true love will always be accompanied by fear and sacrifice. To love when there is no promise of love being returned. To love when your paths diverge or when all data available indicates that you shouldn’t. “For God so loved the world…” It’s a theme repeated countless times in all facets of world culture, yet the lesson proves difficult for even the best of us to learn. Love as if there is no consequence but honesty – love even when it seems impossible.

My Mid-Hike Clarity

2 thoughts on “My Mid-Hike Clarity

  1. Astrea says:

    “But a true love will always be accompanied by fear and sacrifice.”

    I disagree. It isn’t love that causes fear and sacrifice, it is the conditions that provide those things. Unconditional love has no fear, and needs nothing but itself, so there is nothing to sacrifice, only to be.

    When you say, “I love you.” the fear is instant as you wonder if you will hear it back. But what if you didn’t need to hear it back? Why not let the statement stand alone as a verbalization of what you feel to be true?

  2. When I say fear and sacrifice, I don’t necessarily refer to the action of loving or showing your love, but rather the fear of the unknown – i.e. you don’t know what to expect when you share that love, and the sacrifice of your own ego – i.e. sharing that love and not expecting any kind of reward for it. I agree that the statement should stand alone, but that does not necessarily reflect your inner thoughts or feelings, as most people would try and play it off if they wanted to hear it back and didn’t, or if they were saying it with an ulterior motive (such as manipulation for material gain).

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